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To maintain harmony in life is not easy. Unsolved problems, like a snowball, expand and bring tension and discomfort. If you divide a person’s life into spheres, and look at it structurally, you can easily determine what exactly causes this tension.

These spheres of life are:

  1. Health
  2. Business, career, work
  3. Money and finance
  4. Education and personal growth
  5. Social relations, relatives, friends, colleagues
  6. Family, parents, partner
  7. Spirituality, inner peace

Wish Candles is a tool that helps to improve the situation in any sphere of your life, to solve your problems and fulfill your desires in the best possible way. It allows us to draw the attention of the Supreme Power to our problems and call these Powers for help.

There are 17 types of Wish Candles. Each candle is meant for a specific area of life. For each type of candles, a separate prayer is used, astrologically favorable periods and phases of the moon.

How it works. Besides our desire to improve the situation in any sphere, we use the potential and strength, inherent in candles during their sanctification. People who sanctify them live an ascetic life, perform daily prayers and spiritual practices. Because of their strength of mind, the opportunity to realize our desire is enhanced.

The tradition of sanctification, invocation of Supreme Powers into our lives, as well as the sacred meaning of candles, go back to the past, when our ancestors used special prayers and rituals to saturate objects with spiritual power, that would help in the realization of the conceived, heal, remove obstacles , cope with insoluble problems. Based on the knowledge, gained from the ancient scriptures, with the support of monks, the Wish Candles have been widely spread and aimed for application in various areas of your life.

Have patience, keep trying. Your wish will absolutely come true, and our candles will help you!

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