Rest in Peace
Rest in Peace

The power of thought is a working instrument. The power of thought concentrated on something is a very powerful tool. Thanks to the blessed candle, monastic instructions, with the support of the saints, you will immerse yourself in meditation and direct all your love, all the best wishes to the person who has left the body. The subtle world is very sensitive, the vibration of energy is capable of changing the death, furneral and the flow of things related to it. This is why the RIP candle was created.

The RIP Candle is a practice that consists of two parts. The first part is meditation session with voice guidance. You only need to listen carefully and mentally follow the voice. The second part is conducted by a monk.

Briefly, the process can be described as follows: every day in the monastery there is a practice for one of the aspects of God. There are 6 practices for every day of the week except Sunday. Monday is the day of worshiping destructive and recreation energies. Thus, after filling out the RIP candle questionnaire on the Wish Candle website, the next Monday after the practice and after invoking of the energy, the monk will ask in front of the altar for the blessings for your loved one. The RIP candle can be lit on any day convenient for you, as well as on a religious day and during the mourning hours.

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